Our Premium Brands

Habib Cooking Oil

Habib Cooking Oil is a healthy blend of natural edible oils: Soybean, Canola and/or Sunflower. It has Flow Catalyst Property i.e. it is enriched with Vitamin A,D & E and Omega 3 & 6 to take care of your health and lifestyle needs. Habib Cooking Oil has no cholesterol & carries all the vital nutritional ingredients needed for better health & heart.

The consistent high quality of Habib Cooking Oil has resulted in prestigious awards such as “Consumer Choice Award” (2004 & 2005) & “ Brand of the Year Award” (2006 to 2007 & 2007 to 2008).

Habib Banaspati

Habib Banaspati is Virtually Trans Fat Free (VTF), with grainy and danedar texture. It is a rich blend of palm oil with soft oils which makes it a major dietary source of essential vitamins. Habib Banaspati is enriched with Vitamin A, D & E.

Habib Banaspati has been a part of Pakistani households for generations. It is an epitome of good food & holds dear the tradition of sharing happiness & goodness over family meals, with its unforgettable aroma & the same great taste that has endeared it to the hearts of millions for decades.

Super Habib

Super Habib is a premium range of Oil products in bottle category that are twice purified and made with 100% natural ingredients. This range has three variants: Super Habib Soybean Oil, Super Habib Pure Canola Oil and Super Habib Pure Cooking Oil.