“To win hearts and minds by providing products for a healthy lifestyle”


Together with our stakeholders, we will continuously endeavor to execute critical initiatives required to fulfill our Vision – in line with our 6 core values. In doing so, we will strive to achieve operational excellence coupled with superior financial performance and leading customer satisfaction.

Core Values

  • Teamwork: HOM believes the key to superior performance is teamwork. We encourage a collaborative work environment where employees are encouraged to bond with one another to achieve the overall objectives of the company
  • Customer Focus: We believe customers are the lifeblood of HOM. We take every opportunity to get to know our customers well and focus our culture, strategy and workforce on satisfying and pleasing those customers
  • Integrity: Every activity at HOM is consistent with our words. There is open communication and transparency in every work and every employee adhere to standards that are morally upright to foster a positive workplace culture
  • Commitment: At HOM, we demonstrate dedication and commitment in everything we do. We always strive that every employee should feel connected to the company since it makes employees more proactive and dedicated toward their work
  • Innovation: Innovation is one of the building blocks of HOM. Since inception, HOM has always endeavored to implement new methods in business practices, encourage creative thinking and challenge the status quo to remain ahead in every domain it operates in
  • Quality: HOM strives to provide highest quality products and services to ensure increased revenue, customer satisfaction and enhanced productivity