About Us

Company Overview

HOM's presence dates back to 1955, when it was initially established as an oil expelling unit. The present management took over the unit in 1978 when the company was producing only 5000 metric tons of cooking oil annually. At present, Habib Oil Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. is amongst the largest FMCG companies in Pakistan. The company operates in the vegetable oil & fats sector producing premium brand cooking oils and hydrogenated cooking mediums, and marketing the products through its own distribution networks, covering almost all commercially viable markets nationwide.

HOM products enjoy vast popularity and brand loyalty, and stand amongst the top in terms of market share in this sector nationwide. The growth rate of 500% in past ten years primarily attributes to our consistent quality care, concerted efforts of its staff and driving successes from application of needed marketing strategies and state of the art technologies.

The current management has carried over major expansion and modernization of the unit over the years, and has converted into an integrated unit for edible oil refining, cooking oil blending and production of industrial fat through fractionation plant. The unit after subsequent expansion and modernization has now an installed capacity production of 36000 metric tons of cooking oil and Banaspati per annum.



We strive to provide products and services of superior value to meet the expectations of our internal and external customers



HOM constantly strives to be creative and innovative in all its endeavors. All HOM employees are encouraged to bring forth new and better ideas for improved performance, whatever our responsibilities


HOM is performance driven. We at HOM continuously aim to improve our performance in all the areas of services and operations



HOM has a vision of becoming a green company that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. In its efforts toward sustaining the environment for the generations to come, HOM is committed towards adopting the best practices necessary to ensure a greener society


HOM employees are partners who work together in pursuit of the mission and strategy. We strongly value teamwork, effort & success



HOM demands openness and honesty throughout its operations to engender trust and integrity. We ensure that every activity is able to pass the test of public and internal scrutiny at all times.

Quality Standards

HOM has always focused on providing hygienically safe and healthy products to customers by implementing production procedures which are in compliance with international standards. HOM takes pride in having installed the latest and most modern European plant in Pakistan for Edible Oil processing.

Being a part of our strategic plan and philosophy of producing quality products, HOM has acquired various certifications over the past few years, that reflects quality consciousness & innovative thinking of the management.

HOM has successfully achieved the following Certifications in vegetable oil & fats sector.

  • Quality Management System ISO:9001
  • Environment Management system ISO:14001
  • Food Safety Management System ISO:22000
  • HALAL Certification PS:3733 in year 2016
  • Brand of the Year Award (2006-10), Oils
  • Environmental Excellence Award, (2006-08) & 2010, Oils & Spices
  • CSR Award 2007-09
  • Best Emerging Brand of the Year 2009, Spices
  • Peoples’ Choice Award (Oils), 2010
  • Global Food Safety Award 2011, Oils & Spices
  • The company also won the Export Award 2003,
  • First Consumer Choice Award 2005
  • Best Cooking Oil Award 2005
  • Brand icon in cooking oil 2007-2010

Integrated Management Systems

HOM ensures increased performance, increased employee and customer satisfaction and continuous improvement through an integrated approach where each and every function is aligned to help efficiently and effectively deliver the overall objectives of the company.

HOM applies a range of management system standards to integrate all of the company’s processes and systems into one complete framework, enabling all departments to work as a single unit with unified objective. From managing quality needs to monitoring and reducing risks and hazards, and reducing inefficiencies and maximizing resources, this integrated approach helps achieve the overall objectives of the company.

Following are the management systems being followed:

• Quality Management System – ISO 9001
• Environmental Management System – ISO 14001
• Food Safety Management System – ISO 22000

Corporate Social Responsibility

Habib Oil Mills (HOM) is well known for its quality products. But its social emotions are not hidden from any one as well. The ongoing social welfare activities of HOM indicate that the company is fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, besides being so successful in the corporate sector.

HOM donated a school van for the children of the J.S. Academy for the Deaf. Mrs. Nasreen Jalil, the Deputy Nazim of Karachi, had graced the occasion.

This year HOM has donated a complete operation theater in the new complex of Civil Hospital. The name of this theater is branded under the name of (Late) Mr. Manzurul Hassan, chairman of HOM. This operation theatre was inaugurated by Dr Seema Moidul Hassan. In the O.T.Complex, patients are given free treatment for surgery and various other ailments. By this gesture of humanity, HOM has contributed to the country and the Karachi City in a positive way.

City Government with the sponsorship of Habib Oil Mills has placed numerous traffic signs and direction boards. The purpose of this activity is to create awareness among the pedestrians and the drivers and to prevent them from accidents. The purpose of the placement Direction/Indication boards is to give indication for the right direction and help them to reach their destination easily.